Welcome to the new site.


The League of Extraordinary Game Geeks

Ladies and geeks, I present to you the new home of The League of Extraordinary Game Geeks. Hopefully now the site will not be as messy. Everything will be transplanted here. It’s a work in progress, so following is a list of changes.

The Zebulonizm page will be filled to the brim with stories, but each new chapter will be posted alone in order to keep people from searching for an update.

The Comics will continue, the line up will be re-started. Same with short stories.

Games will come. Be patient.

While the change may be sudden, relax. It won’s change a whole lot. The change was originally made in order to give the admins less trouble when updating. This will be a quick change. By the way, the old site will remain up until further notice so we have reference. But the place is now a grave yard. For dead bovine and stale cake. The cows were not buried. It smells.

***Glasses Guy***


3 responses to “Welcome to the new site.

  1. Hey there and welcome to word press, I warn you now that I shall be a regular poster from what I can see from your blog so far – it’s looking good 🙂

    BG xx

  2. Duude Glasse guy, I still say we should make it a clan.. It’s not really a bad idea.. I mean really what could it do to us besides having our Clantag look like (TLEG)
    Hmm. T-Leg. interesting. Mine is T-leg on blackops so that shows my dedication!

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