Guide: Multiplayer

Getting killed out there? Here’s another addition to the guide. It’s all about what funny people you’ll find in Multiplayer, and some campaign. Read it up.

It’s called Matchmaking in the game, but you will never get a girlfriend/boyfriend by playing. The species that haunt this land are mostly huge Arse holes. The players have actually developed in different species. Knowing who they are may save you. Take this list.

The Inhabitants
6-12 year olds- Xbox live is filled with these annoying little pieces of trash. Not only can they not play halo, but they can’t properly use the english language either. They will cuss, complain, whine, and cry if you ever get a kill off of them, or if you kill a guy they wanted to kill. They are easily distinguished from the other species. They have high-pitched voices, and will tea-bag anything and swear the most out of any creature. (Odd, since their parents never do crap about that.) The easiest way to avoid them is by muting them, and getting them booted. Just stand in front of them while their walking and they’ll kill you for no reason. But even after leaving a game they can still haunt you. Even after displaying the worst personality possible they’ll send a message to every person they played with asking either :
Wanna join my clan? (Most common)
How did you get that 1. armor 2. rank 3. kill on me?
Wanna make a custom game?
Wanna help me rank up/go achievement hunting?
Just delete the message right away. Then report them. Then tell your friends to report them too. Then block them. Easy!

MLG’s (With a mic)- These can be of any age, but are commonly young children. They hoard weapons yet get killed constantly. Contrary to their own belief, they can’t play halo. If they ever do bad they’ll either call you a hacker, blame the issue on lag, or both. There a few that can play, but they’re easy to beat. Did you know you can track them? MLG’s hyperventilate like crazy, meaning it’s easy to avoid them in game. Here’s how,

Slow Breathing? Searching for a kill.
Medium Breathing speed? Found someone
Fast Breathing? They decided to shoot them
Crazy fast breathing? They believe they have the guy down.

If you here medium breathing look around, it might be you.

MLG’s (No mic)- These are they guys who you will never, ever have on your team, real MLG’s. yes, they exist. They gave away their lives to play this game FOR EVER. They will always be on the other team, and will always hand your arse to you on a plate. They love long range weapons, and cheap tactics like hit and run. (Sprint toward you, smack you on the head, cap you.)

Drunken Fools- These poor souls are typically found on saturday nights around 1 am. They are the result of an in-humane experiment involving getting drunk with an xbox. They can’t play, babble like fools, and swear like sailors. Just ignore them. They’ll get sober. Next game.

Teens- Their just like six-twelve year olds, but with slightly better insults if they manage to get a kill.

Legit People- Normal people like (hopefully) yourself who have good games, bad games, and don’t swear to much. They can play like regular blokes, and are the best people to befriend on Xbox live.

***Glasses Guy***


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