So how about New Pulse?


"It's a fossil!"

Good bye, sorta

Remember when we got this fancy new site? How nice it is? WarLemur threw a fit. He can’t stand change, so we compromised. This community, while small, still needs forums. Here’s how the old site was put on life support.

If you remember, the old site was awful. While it looked nice and had games it was a terror to update and organize. You couldn’t comment on posts, and it had an ugly purple title. The name was also taken by several other sites. That’s why we moved here. It’s easier to manage. It’s also puuuuuurrty. But it lacks forums and games.

The old site is going to be kept alive, but barely. It’s gonna get a nice shave off of it’s nice full beard. It’s going bald now. Nothing will be left except for the forums, and games. That’s right, WarLemur and I are being lazy and just using old tech instead of making shiny new forums. Don’t call it a bad thing, call it recycling. Everyone is doing it, right?

On a side note, WarLemur wasn’t going to budge at all. This site was going to be killed. Until I showed him that we can now change the little image in the URL bar.

IT’S AWESOME. So if you missed the old site, no worries. It’s still there. Just… thinner.

***Glasses Guy***


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