Troll Science: World Peace

The world is a mess, both politically and health wise and we all know it. Total peace seems exceedingly far-fetched, even though a few thousand plans would make it very simple. Well, it’s a bout time I add to that massive pile of ignored plans.

As of late I have been learning more about the conflict in the Middle East, specifically with Israel. To make a long story short, the state got placed their by the UN after WWII and the people who already lived there didn’t like that, so all hell broke loose. Many of the countries there blamed their problems on the country to keep their citizens from blaming their own government. It’s typical human behavior to blame someone else for our problems and Israel was a perfect magnet for blame. It’s been done before by other country’s too, and sometimes their hatred has brought them together.

That got me thinking. What if everyone could find a common enemy? What if humanity found some reason to band together to defend themselves? Now, this may sound a lot like Independence Day where everyone joined up to fight the aliens but we can’t wait for that. So I came up with an instant solution that would work now.

How about we invade Narnia?

Narnia is a huge threat to the world as a whole. With all those magic creatures, they will, eventually, decide that they need more than just that wardrobe. Humanity needs to ban together to fight this threat! Invading Narnia would fix so many problems in the plan!

Once the world realizes how dangerous the land is, the nations will join together to defend our Earth. Now, how does this help?

In order to get to Narnia you have to not expect going there. That won’t do since our soldiers will be briefed on what to do. In order to gain access to the mystical land we’ll have to force our way in. Scientists all over the world will band together to create a portal to Narnia large enough to transport the armies. Information will be shared and hopefully, friendships will be made.

Now when we enter Narnia we will have an edge thanks to C.S. Lewis, the first human to discover and document Narnia. His “books” (actually collections of reasearch) will explain key political figures, as well as tactical points of interest. On the field our the soldiers from different walks of life will bond and make friendships, thus strengthening each countries bonds.

After the war Narnia will be extraordinary to say the least. Explorers will once again have jobs journeying through the land, as well as scientist willing to risk their lives learning about all of the new animals. With more land the Earth’s over population problem will be put on hold. Since Narnia is magical food will grow wherever we want to plant it. Even in our own crap. Cuz in Narnia it’s magical. The oil shortage will be dealt with since Narnia has never been drilled, and the new-found peace between cultures will hopefully mean we can find a way to keep Narnia as it’s gorgeous, natural self.

Now, there are a few places in Narnia that will also make great tourist traps too. Like Hogwarts! Everyone knows Hogwarts is located in Narnia. How else do they hide a whole wizarding educational facility? It’ll be a perfect new theme park

Now, I know I have some plot holes in my grand scheme. Like, how will we divide the land, how will we convince every single country in the world to attack, and what if Narnia actually dosen’t exist? If Narnia dosn’t exist, our scientists will at least be friends, right? We can deal with the other issues later. So I thank you for reading this, and I hope you comment on my plan.

***Glasses Guy***


3 responses to “Troll Science: World Peace

  1. awesome idea!!! can i own the Hogwarts amusement park??

  2. how can i change my picture???

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