The Mall

Recently three of my co-harts and I were walking in a small town covered in snow. We were drunk, not with alcohol but with cheer and Happiness. It was the day after Christmas and WarLemur said and I quote, “This feels more like Christmas than actual Christmas.”Dang it Warlemur...

It was snowing and the whole town (this area called, “The Village”) was ours. Fresh white fluff covered the little outlet shops and the Christmas Lights lit our night. With the exception of a few family’s taking a look at the lights on last time before they were ripped out of the ground and shoved in a shed until next year, we were alone.

Now before I continue this story, I must give a little background. The town recently obtained a new shopping complex. It’s quite modern and hip, but around here that doesn’t fly. We ride old school here in order to keep the tourists believing that we’re a peaceful little town on the water. *coughcoughbullcrapcough* We don’t even have a speaker on the local McDonald’s. (Which looks nothing like a McDonald’s to begin with.) So this new mall sticks out like a nerd at a wrestling ring. It has no roof, but it’s still called “The Mall”. Strange.

It's totally different. Deffinatly. I can see it. Can you?

If that’s a mall than the whole town would be bigger than the Mall Of America. But I digress. It’s its own little area and has nothing to do with the rest of “The Village”. Back to our little story.

We entered “The Mall” and started prancing around and having a grand old-time. All the shops were closed, so it was like the rest of the town. We made snow angels, threw snow, drew in snow, huffed snow, etc. We were using our freedom well. Our romp was fantastic. Until we were interrupted by a loud, crackling voice surrounding the whole plaza.It's a loud speeker. I stink at Paintbrush. Stop laughing at me.

“This is Mall security. You are trespassing on Mall property. Leave immediately. All the shops are closed.” This was confusing. What had we done? We had passed through the whole entire town messing around all our lives and this was the first time we had ever been halted. Well, not wanting any trouble we left, but not silently. We loudly expressed our opinions about how the area was part of the town, and asked why it needed security. The voice boomed again and repeated its orders. This time without the monotone voice. We then all unanimously agreed we should GTFO before we were arrested for having fun in the snow.

Let's get out of here!

We traveled to Starbucks where we wasted a whole gift card on overpriced hot chocolate. (We were happy anyways. It was the only store open and the guy running the counter was the coolest ever. If your reading this awesome  employee guy, you rock.) We took our hot liquids to our favorite perch, and sat down to talk.

We had a fantastic night, despite the security guard on the intercom. We made even more snow angels and watched snow plows destroy them in the snowy night. We even fixed a snow man for some kid. We considered entering “The Mall” again but decided against it when we spied a mysterious white truck hovering around the entrance.

This whole situation annoys me greatly. “The Mall” is part of “The Village” yet it acts as a separate complex. I don’t see why we were chased out of there, but not the rest of the town. Zeb suggested that we did act like we were drunk and must have caused suspicion, but we did that through the whole entire town. Did the guy think we were going to rob the stores? (That’s an idiotic guess seeing as how there are way better stores to rob outside of “The Mall”. Hypothetically of course.) It just annoys me. There’s no reason to this post. It’s just here for your entertainment. 😛

EDIT: That security guard wasn’t there to defend “The Mall”. Apparently some … stuff has been going on at the bathrooms there. The bathroom has guards now. Our town is so awesome!


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  1. I want to live in your town D:

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