Tree Man’s issues

Tree-man and I have been friends since 3rd grade and have thus been through much together. We have both made many mistakes, but he makes the funnier ones.

I would like to present, The Top Three Things Thousands of People Hold Against Tree-Man. Or, TTTTTPHAT, for short.

Number Three: The Pumpkin suit.

While the evidence was destroyed long ago, in 5th grade graduation everyone needed a baby picture. Tree-man was the only baby in a pumpkin suit. It was super cute.

Number Two: Canadian Bacon

At the local sandwich shop,

“Hi, I would like a sandwich with Canadian Bacon.”

Once he gets his order

“Wait a minute, Canadian Bacon is just ham. Crap.”

NUMBER 1! “It has a beat to it!”

It was band class, a metronome came on. The previous quote was stated. That was in 7th grade. It will never die.

(Why yes, I did get his permission to post this.)


One response to “Tree Man’s issues

  1. EmilySturtevant

    Man, this has a beat to it 🙂

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