Things people need to stop doing on Facebook

Facebook, while very convenient for chatting, pictures, groups, etc. is full of crap. Game crap, quiz crap, and even photos of real, in the toilet bowl crap. I’m not the only one fed up with it, and lord knows I’m not the only one who has posted about it. My complaints on the site itself went un-noticed, so now I’m going to complain here. Where there is no character limit. At all. Ever….


Using Status Shuffle or anything of the sort

Joyce liked: Feeding bamboo to those free-loading pandas at the zoo on: ❤

You can post that yourself you nincompoop. There’s no need to dig up an app and randomly generate these little status things. Not only do people typically do this in bulk flooding the home page, but they do in fact have brains. If you can talk, you can babble on Facebook.

Tagging Tons of People

But the blue square suited me way better than Marcie!

I had 100 notifications. From one photograph. When you tag thousands of people in one photo they all have to deal with everyone who posts there. You can remove the tag you say? No you can’t. If you do they’ll just annoy you about that. You can block them you say? If you know them in real life, they’ll bug you about that too.

Making quizzes

There are already a few zombie survival quiz’s. You don’t need to “improve” it. Using bad grammar on these is also a no-no.

Using Bad Grammar

See how hard to read that is? You go to school to learn how to write, so you should use it everywhere you go. This butchering of the English language is what keeps the founding fathers rolling in their graves. They make you go to school for a reason. (Other countries have this pandemic ass well.)

I’ll make more complaints later. After whining about how Marcie should have invited me to Farmville.

***Glasses Guy***


4 responses to “Things people need to stop doing on Facebook

  1. ya i know its fake but its funny 😀

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