Grounded, Part One

Epic Mount

As many of my peers know, I have been grounded for the past week. During my imprisonment with no xbox, I grabbed my camera and a book. The book was Contact Harvest, a fantastic halo novel. The camera on the other hand, brought me even more joy. The following are the fruits of my boredom. I took loads of photos, so this is only the first batch. The rest are to be posted on Thursday. happy viewing. 

Gator with a machinegun mouth mounted by a spartan. Your arguement is invalid.

Dog mounted by Master Chief. Your arguement is now worthless.

Tom loves the jelly tarts I made while I was bored.

Rocking out old school. Additionally, if you have no clue what that music device is, you need more culture. Seriously, Tape Decks arn't that old.

"Arm thy selves, for this fight twill be long!"

Poor Boba Fett...

Spartan with Light Saber V.s. Some Japanese cartoon robot.

I promise the next batch will be better.

***Glasses Guy***


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