The Trip, Part 2

This is what I spent my time on in the car. Anyways, the trip improved a bit more, because we spent less time in traffic than last time.

After another 6 hours of driving, my family and I reached Virginia. We stopped at The Cracker Barrel, where I pretended to shoot people with the little toy guns that littered the floor. I also picked up a new soda.

Its sweet Cherry deliciousness filled me to the brim with happiness and delight. I was ready for another long trip, which only took 15 minutes. We went to Colonial Williamsburg, which was rather boring.

Colonial Williamsburg is one of those acting towns where they show you what life was like during the revolution. Its only meaning for existance is to show city folk what life without power is like, and what a farm is. Tons of city folk lined up and squealed in delight whenever they saw a horse or a pig. I was far less impressed. I’ve taken car of pigs and horses before, and I’ve gone without electricity from time to time. I had also seen this place on History Channel. My mother made an executive desscision to evacuate us after lunch. That was a good idea.

Except for the fact I had developed gas, and the runs because of the soda I had drank. We rushed to our hotel, so I could sit on the porcelain throne for an hour before I felt alright again. We then traveled to Busch Gardens. That was ok, I’ll make an in-depth review later. (I have various complaints that need to be broadcast to the internet.) The place was ok, and I won a Tiger.

His name is Dak Struthen Von KuddleKins, and I wuv him so. When I got to the hotel, I was horrified to find there was no internet connection until tomorrow morning. I had to resort to an ancient coping mechanism in order to come to terms with my loss of midnight memebase visits.

That’s all for now.


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