Nintendo Announces an announcment

Nintendo has announced that it will be making an announcement at E3 this year. They have announced that they will be talking about their new system to be released next year. Kotaku claims that the machine will murder the Xbox and PS3, but I highly doubt that. This is Nintendo we’re talking about. It’ll just be a big gimmick and will primarily sell to all of the 40 y/o mothers and their little whiny spawn who wish to play tennis on a TV set.

I’m guessing the new system will be-


-Loads chips instead of disks

-Has decent internet access

-It’s market will be loaded with re-makes of old games

-Will have a money slot so Nintendo can have more of your cash

-A spiky dildo attachment so Nintendo can do you up the butt even when you’re not shoving out more cash for a crappy game made to keep little kids entertained.

-A possible toaster attachment for it’s gimmick this decade.

That is all.


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