It’s an Adventure

WarLemur and I looked across the barren landscape upon which we had been dropped on. It was evening, and the sun was setting beneath the water. We had washed up here with our crew in a compact, small vehicular device. We crashed into the small island with a mighty speed, and all of us escaped. Unfortunately, our crew died of diarrhea of the mouth. Their crap poured out of their pie-holes and onto the dirt in wet, sloppy piles. It was a horrid death indeed.

Warlemur and I watched the waves creeped closer and closer to us. We were surrounded by endless ocean, which was bound and determined to takes us into its chilled, wet grasp. We prepared for the inevitable. I slowly watched as waves of salty, poisoned water crashed into my legs, then my groin, and finally my chest. After that, I saw nothing but the teal water that engulfed me wave by wave.

I was torn between currents and waves, struggling to gain a breath within my watery prison. Every time I came up for air my mouth filled. Not with oxygen, but with the chocking water that so wanted to end my life. I heard WarLemur scream my name and felt his hand attempt to grasp mine. He slipped, and was lost forever. I was alone, dying in the waves, helpless to fate. This was the end.

The lifeguard at the wave pool gave us a rather funny stare. She was quite taken back by the sight of two teenagers floundering in the shallow end like fish on a dock. Maybe it was the over powering chlorine that made us act that way, or it was possibly the boredom of the hotel that lead our minds to go off of the deep. Nether the less, WarLemur and I had fun in our own little dream world at the indoor water park upon which we were tossed into.

Over the two hour drive, I made these pictures for you all.

Suck it up, and take it like a man.

That face was inspired by my old Karate teacher. He always had that scowl…..

Maybe he needed to poop.

Maybe he had diarrhea of the mouth.

"I am tolerating your existance, but it is very hard."

A face copied from an animation.


This is just… I don’t even…. Derp.

***Glasses Guy***


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