Awesome Call of Duty Perks

Beard Monger- Grow an awesome beard that is able to store either an extra ammo clip, or a grenade.

Beard Monger Pro- Steal up to 5 other beards to improve awesomeness.

Death reflex-Now when you teabag people, their bodies actually flop up and down.

Death reflex Pro- The murdered individual is forced to watch you teabag them on the kill cam.

N00b radar- N00bs are marked seppretaly on the radar.

N00b Radar Pro- Campers are displayed weather they’re moving or not.


Flaming Head- Your head is on fire annoy Halo Haters

Flaming Head Pro- You look like a spartan to annoy Halo haters even more.

Animal Lover-You can tame attack dogs.

Animal Lover Pro- The dogs you have tamed turn into wolves. And they are on fire.


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