Why Video Games Are Safe

"I LOVE KILLZONE!!!!!!!1"- Leonidas

Before we get to games, let us look back a few millenia ago at ancient Greece, specifically the Spartans. At the age of 7 or so they were taken from their families and taught how to kill, disembowel, and gut another human being in quite gruesome ways that make Jigsaw Jealous. They never played Killzone 3.

How about we check out the French revolution, huh? You know, when France got fed up with their kings and queens, and decided to overthrow them? Yeah. They celebrated their victories by parading the royalties heads on giant stakes. They never played Left For Dead.

Even better, let’s check out Cane and Able from the bible. Cane preformed the first murder known to man, and he never touched Mortal Combat.

Hey, how about those grave diggers and Jack the ripper, huh? I’m pretty dang sure they didn’t play Halo every Friday night with their bro’s.

Let’s see the American Civil war, when brothers, cousins, and family shot each other in the face to prove who had it right in America. Actually, let’s zoom out and look at all civil wars before the 70’s when video games appeared. Not enough you say? How about we look at all that history where giant, gruesome wars were fought.

Now let’s look at me when I was about 5 after my mom grilled me for saying my first swear word. My head was filled with gruesome ways to get rid of her, ranging from fire to blenders. (She’s still alive and I love her, by the way.) I didn’t touch a video game until I was 8.

So why exactly, do people say games influence violence and murder when humanity has been killing itself since its beginning? From my point of view it seems as though video games have little effect on me. I come up with more horrid ways to deal with bullies than just shooting them, which is exactly what you do in video games. Let’s look at me again. I play halo at least three times a week, and I still have just the slightest idea about how a gun works.

Now let’s take a journey through what parents say. Parents say,

“Video games create violence.”

Kids respond,

“So do the shows on the T.V.. You know, the ones with the guns.”

Adults respond,

“TV is regulated, Video games can be bought anywhere.”

Kids respond,

“But there’s a whole company called the ESRB that rates games. Retailers can be fined for selling games to minors without parental consent. Thus, if the parents are letting their kids play the games it is obviously their fault if something goes wrong.”

Parents say,

“I’m your mom, you do as I say. Now shut up before I make you clean the bathroom again.”

I have no clue where this will lead, but I just want you to think about that. My conclusion is that violence is a human concept that we can’t escape, and video games just provide an outlet to perform it in. So there’s 50 or so people who are influenced. What about the other 50 million that aren’t?


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