Halo 4 Trailer Review

So, yesterday Halo 4 was announced on E3. When I saw this over my girlfriend’s shoulder while she was reading Yahoo News, I literally jumped over and scooted her over so I could sit in the seat and see the video. I almost shit myself.

In the video, Master chief is in this ship that’s blowing up and Cortana is calling his name really loud, most likely to go for another round.. And, so Chief breaks out of his sleeping chamber (because he’s in the mood again), and grabs Cortana and then flies out of the ship while using a snazzy new grenade launcher pistol.

Then he just stands out on this blown up balcony, looking at this wicked white circle thing that looks like Optimus Primes bumhole. (Except 50 times larger) Then the trailer ends as Chief is having an epic stare.

I think this means, Halo 4 is about the fantasies of Chief and Cortana while battling enemy aliens and such. The reason they’re fighting is because the aliens also want a piece of Cortana. What has Halo turned into?! I’ll tell ya what. A freaking awesome game. So the race is on, to see who gets banged first. I’ve got money on Chief.



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