Green Lantern is No Dark Knight

The first thing I learned while watching Green Lantern is that Paralax is Darth Sideous. They both use the force, are ugly, and the two of them are evil because of some galactic force of evil. That’s it. The movie was pretty meh all around. I went with two people who had never heard of Green Lantern, and they both said the movie was okay. It was nothing they would remember for a while. Nothing too bad, and not a huge waste of about 7 dollars during the summer. But I’m a fan of the Green Lantern. I felt betrayed.For any fans hoping to watch the movie and be awed, you will be sorely displeased . Most of the Corps are just background characters, and only 4 of them ever speak. There is no Ganthet to be seen, and the origin of Paralax is very off. While many of you already knew it was going to be off, none of us ever knew it would be this terrible. Paralax is a big Japanese tentacle creature with a head, and looks nothing like his comic incarnation. SPOILER ALERT!

In the film, it is said that the guardians actually wanted to use fear because it’s better than willpower. That’s nothing like the comics. Ganthet would have done something, but he wasn’t there. In fact, the Gaurdians forged a yellow power ring just because Sinestro asked them to. In the movie he doesn’t hate them at all. He respects them, and they respect him, which is very out of character. It seems as if the new ring will be important, but out of nowhere Hal flies in and says “No no no. Bad guardians. Bad. No cookie for you.”

The yellow ring is just forgotten. It’s not important in the movie. It’s not even a real plot device. It’s just there so if a sequel is ever made, they can say it’s there. I’m not going to say how Hal kills  Paralax, but I will tell you it would never work in the comics.

The movie also needs work on its animation. While the creatures look amazing, they don’t seem real at all. The skies are also very flat. The movie looks like the second Halo game. But let me get this straight; Halo 2 did what it could with current technology. Green Lantern didn’t. The fight scenes are great, but they seem very fake.

In the end, the movie is pretty low-key. You can go with some friends to burn some time this summer, but that’s it. There’s nothing particularly cool about it to make a big deal, and bringing a date to this movie is a no-no. My verdict? It’s during the summer. You can go see it if you want to. If it was any other season however, and you had school or some other time limitation, you would wait for the dvd.

P.S. I know everyone complains about this, but seriously. He can make anything he wants, but he uses a fist.This seems to be a symbol in the Green Lantern series. If you see that as an easter-egg or something, you’ll love the final fight I guess.


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