Battle Of The Flames

Battle Of the Flames

So recently, Bungie has put an update for Halo Reach giving everyone the chance to get BLUE FLAMES. BLUE EFFING FLAMES.

Now, there has been major controversy and arrogance against those who bought the legendary edition just to get the regular flame effect. Glasses Guy is extremely fed up with all of this, because basically everyone is using the blue flames now. I believe that those who are fighting over such small things don’t have their priorities straight. They need to grow up and get freakin’ mature.

Glasses Guy and I created a photo with the battle of the flames to describe the war between the fire:

Legend is Eternal

Bungie, your idea with the blue flames has made Halo Reach even cooler than it was before, so I congratulate you for making it, supadupaepicawesomeabuloustastic! (Really great)



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