Space Cats (In Space)

Joshua looked around the cold, dark room he was currently inside of. His mind was a total blur as  thousands of thoughts and questions ran through his head. He was snapped back into reality by a sharp buzz in the back of his mind.

Name:Captain J. Armstrong
Mission: Locate space rupture
Location: Human Owned Space

It was the chip placed in the back of his neck many moons ago once he joined the militia. It always told him what to do, where to go, and how to do things. It annoyed him greatly but it did assist him from time to time. Now was one of those times. Joshua sat up and scratched his silver crew cut. Memory finally washed into Joshua’s mind. It flowed in like cold mercury and filled his brain with the knowledge he had lost while asleep.

Captain Joshua had been sent out from Space Base to inspect a trans-warp rupture in sector B9. Upon arriving in the area a pod latched on to the ship and blasted its way in. Creatures poured out onto the deck of the ship with weapons raised. The captain and his crew were attacked and slaughtered before a distress message could be sent. Joshua must have been the lone survivor. He grinned slightly and let his old head rest on his hand. The whole entire situation sounded like a movie he had seen as a child. That meant that at any minute now his attacker would open the cell door….

The door to Joshua’s cell started creaking with age as it slowly opened. Some rust danced to the floor as a tall figure draped in a long, purple and yellow robe stepped inside accompanied by two massive guards. His head looked down upon Joshua with large, green marble eyes. It pointed to him silently and the guards walked toward him menacingly. They pulled Joshua to his feet and dragged him out of the cell. The two of them followed the robed figure into a large room with glass windows giving a full view of the empty space surrounding them that was full of space ships. They were obviously in a space ship too.

“Bingo.” Joshua thought. This was just like a bad movie. Now, he guessed, the captain would have to listen to the  lead creature rant on about his evil plan until finally Joshua had a good idea and ended his evil scheme. It was a fantastic plan. He didn’t even think of it. Some author ago did years ago while drinking a small coffee and worrying about his deadline for a movie.

The room the were now in was filled with computer monitors and chairs. There were creature’s sitting in the chairs tapping away at control panels and they looked nervous. Whatever they were doing must have been very important and nerve-racking. The room was filled with noise from the engine sitting right behind it. The robed figure sat down in a chair located in the middle of the room. He was situated so that Joshua could only see the back of his head. It was just like the movie. Any minute now he would speak and show himself.

The movie played out perfectly as the chair slowly swiveled until Joshua could see the figures face. It had a fat water mellon like head with two massive marbles sitting in it as eyes. A triangle in the middle of the face acted as a nose that was above a line filled with teeth. A pair of fuzzy triangles protruded from the top of the cranium. The whole head was covered in orange and white hair with whiskers forming a mustache. In all, the creature looked very much like a cat.
In fact, it was a cat. Not exactly a cat from earth. No, this species was the one that dumped some cats on earth millennia ago. These were the Earth creatures space faring cousins. These, were Space Cats.

“Well, well, well…” Spoke the robed Space Cat. His accent sounded British but Joshua knew better. This cat was obviously not from the UK. “If it isn’t Captain Joshua of the human Space Navy. What a fantastic surprise. I hope your stay here so far has been up to snuff.”

“The King of the Space Cats, what an honor. The stay’s been fantastic and all knowing I’m the only one of my crew still alive and that the Space Cats are up to something devious and most likely against the peace treaty.” Joshua replied. Sarcasm stained his voice. “Also, it’s really warm in here.”

“Yes, well you know how we space cats love warm fireplaces. Since there’s none in space, the engine will have to do. As to your previous statement, we aren’t up to anything. We’re just taking a short run around the system.” The King smiled a little as he said that.

“With a whole fleet? Yeah, very likely. I know your up to something and I wanna know what it is.” Joshua stared deep into the Kings eyes. He knew exactly what was going to happen. This whole entire day was following that movie he had seen as a child and based on how the king was acting, it was going to stay that way.

“Well, seeing that we are going to be sending you out in the air lock later, you might as well have the supreme honor of being the first human life form to hear about our grand scheme.” The King took a deep breath and prepared to launch into a speech. All of the other Space Cats turned to look at him as though this was their first time hearing about the plan too.

Space T-Rex

“The human species is a disgusting abomination that needs to be destroyed. Not only have you ruined your own planet but ever since you beat the Space Dinosaurs decades ago you have been ruining the rest of the galaxy as well. Your space stations litter the galaxy as you invade other planets in order to gain what ever riches your race desires. You forge a perfect image of yourselves yet behind the curtain you are swine. The human race is an ant hive, and we, the Space Cats, are the local exterminator.”

The King then followed with more about his hatred for humanity. All together it was very boring yet it gave Joshua time to look around. One of the guards had a blaster holstered to his hip, and the engine behind him was completely un-shielded in order to release more heat. The Captain’s training took affect, and within an instant he had the guard on the ground and a pistol to the King’s head.

“Hmm. I see your attempting to stop me.” Replied the King, referring to his current state as a hostage. “Well, shoot me if you dare. It will not matter. If I die a new king will selected anyways and the plan will continue with all of it’s stride and glory. You are only delaying the inevitable Joshua. If you are to shoot me, how will you escape? I made sure nothing could stop me. Nobody is coming to save you Joshua. This is not like one of your silly human movies. Whatever you are copying this from, it isn’t going to work.

“Wait, what movie are you thinking of?” Joshua replied. “I was thinking about the one where the protagonist sacrifices himself to save humanity. I know I’m screwed, so why not go out with a bang?” Joshua turned the pistol toward the unprotected engine behind him.

“NO! STOP HI-” The King never finished his sentence. Joshua had already squeezed the trigger and watched the laser soar toward the engine. When it hit, the machine turned from red to white and started to rumble. It broke down and started to explode. Joshua acknowledged that he would probably would not be remembered for this as he was the only one that knew. As heat enveloped the room, and eventually to destroy every ship in the fleet, he embraced death with a smile. His only regret was that he never got to say some awesome one liner he had thought of before firing the pistol.


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