Your Comment is Awaiting Moderation…..

I really don’t understand why one should moderate the responses to their blog. It annoys me immensely. While it it nice to keep unwanted and downright rude comments off of your page, it’s annoying when someone completely eliminates any negative feedback. It also deters the user from the site; it’s annoying to know that you won’t get your two cents in until the owner says you can. Surely people who use the internet now it enough to just scroll away from unwanted comments, right?


3 responses to “Your Comment is Awaiting Moderation…..

  1. Agreed. Hope my comment doesn’t get placed in a moderation queue. :p

  2. I got an “awaiting moderation” message! Jesus Christ, why do I even bother? (Even IF the irony is priceless)

  3. location within my public complexes! kkkfkkebegbd

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