The Amazing World

First, there was nothing. Then, a light appeared followed by the creation of a world around me. Rocks, grass, flowers and trees were pulled out of the void all around me as I stared ahead. I tried blinking, but I could not; was it the shear amazement of the creation around me, or was I missing something to cover my eyes?   

I started darting my head around, staring at each piece of scenery near me. I was lost and bewildered in this new land. Every time I moved to an area without any land it would pop into existence like it was always there. I soon began to accept this as a normality, and I moved on. I began to move forward while wondering what I could do in this new world of plenty. After wandering for what seemed like hours I came to realize I was developing a growing hunger. My body began to hurt as I moved through the forest. I finally collapsed and rested with my back to a tree. I began to review my experience in the new world and wondered if I would live. Yet, to my amazement, a savior appeared.

Just a few meters away a pig walked around aimlessly. It was the first sign of life I had seen all day. Thoughts raced through my head. I could kill it and then eat it raw, or let it live as an act of good will. I watched the pig for an hour before my mind was set. I would kill the pig, for my will to live overcame my peaceful intentions. I looked around on the ground for a weapon, but there were none. In desperation I charged at the pink mammal and swung my fist into its snout.

I heard something crack, and the pig began to run around in circles. I charged again and landed another fist to its gut, and one last hammer to its head. The pig collapsed. Instead of lying on the ground to rot, it began to fade out of existance leaving one, sole piece of meat. I didn’t ponder the mystery, but instead devoured the raw meat. I forced myself to keep it down, and prayed I would not get food poisoning.

After finishing my meal, I cried; I had never killed anything in my life. I sobbed, and in anger threw myself at a tree. My fist smacked the tree, which popped into pieces. I picked up the pieces, wondering what I could do with them. I snapped them into flat planks, and stared at them. I could not believe I had split wood without a tool. I began to play with the wood like a collection of toys, stacking it into a cube.

Again, to my amazement, something inexplainable happened. The wood turned into a reinforced box covered in tools. I picked it up with my hands, and tossed it around a bit before putting it down. Once again, I began to wonder where I was. It was the only thing haunting my mind until the sun began to set….

It was at that point I realized the sun was square.


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