Another Complaint About XBOX Live Service

Before you begin reading this, yes. This is another complaint about xbox live service. Yes, there are countless numbers of complaints, but I believe at some point they’ll notice the growing pile of text files and emails.

My story begins on a September morning around 5am. My mom woke me up and asked me if I had purchased anything on the xbox as of late. I looked at her, dazed. She said the purchases were made around midnight, which was impossible because I went to bed at 10. I checked the emails, and sure enough, someone had spent 80 dollars on my account. I had to recover my gamertag, and I was simply happy with the fact that I got it back. However, the feeling of joy would be lost that afternoon.

After an hour of password changes and double checks, I went to school. When I came home, my mother was sitting at the dinner table. She had already cancled her credit cards and was ready to call support. Now, I had dealt with support before only once to cancel an auto update membership. That took over an hour, so my hopes of actually relaxing that night were poor. To our surprise, we were only on hold for five minutes.

After handing over credit card information, names, and fixing a mess with my fake name (who actually gives their real information anyways?) we seemed done. That’s when our troubles began. In order to commence an investigation, get our money back, and find the hacker, I had to lock down my account for 25 days. This was upsetting, but I figured I could survive a month without shooting something. I had school work to do anyways. We locked the account, and figured it was all said and done. I got on with my life, and hoped for the best.

20 days later, we received a call from xbox support saying there was an issue with our account. The name didn’t match the credit card. Now, this made me rather vexed. It took them 20 days to look at our case, and even bother to notice a mistake and tell us. 20. days. That’s the majority of the time they had to even start an investigation that should only take a week to begin with. We had to call again, and after re-doing all of our information, we were set. Except, one thing. Because the investigation never actually began, I had to lock down my account for an additional 25 days. I regrettably accepted because finding the perp would make my day.

5 days after that fiasco, my house received  another phone call from live. Again, a name didn’t match. Not only was I furious this time, but my parents were on vacation, and their credit cards and information with them. Add ten days for their vacation, and another 5 to find the information again before we could call.

We called xbox live one last time. Once again, we had to reenter our information because they needed it. I was about to punch in a house once they said that in order to catch the hacker, they needed another 25 days. I refused, and got my account back. Our bank refunded the money long before, which is sad because they receive more customer complaints, and finish them in half the time.

Epilogue is that I was locked out for 40 days. It took a full 40 days for xbox to not do anything at all. Afterwords, they could only refund a month for their fiasco. No sorry, no achievement for staying off for a month, only part of a refund. This is sad, and poor example of customer service. It should have only taken them a week, tops, to fix the issue. With microsoft systems wiring the world, finding the perp should have only been a matter of seeing what xbox’s had accessed my account. It took them 40 days to do nothing but lock me out. That’s sad, and it makes me feels bad man. Worse, complaints are directed at the employees you talk with. If you ever have any issues, they’re taken up with the people who did their job by recording your information.

Moral of the story is that if you get hacked and lose money because of it, don’t bother asking xbox for help. They’ll just make you want to burn down houses for a month or so.


One response to “Another Complaint About XBOX Live Service

  1. Just more of a reason to not get an xbox =P

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