Duckface: Why?

The majority of you know the horrid facial expression made by attention mongers everywhere. If you don’t, here is your first example.

If you believe that is sexy, please proceed to the nearest mental facility now.

Those of you who have stayed are most likely disgusted and wondering why in Gods name the duckface is so common. Everyone seems to know it’s disgusting, so why make it? Well, there’s three variety’s of duckface, each just as disgusting as the next.

“This is actually sexy” Duckface – This is when the person who takes the picture has no idea what they’re doing. They truly believe that the face they’re making is sexy, and will gain the admiration of cute boys all over their friends list. These tweens are desperate, and typically the type of girl you would date only for sex.

“Ironic” Duckface – This is the most common duckface, and each one is created with the best of intentions. Imagine someone is at a party or hanging with friends. They’re having a great time and think in their heads,

“We need to put something on facebook to show we’re having a good time. Hey! How about we make a group duckface picture? Everyone will think it’s funny because it’s a gross, yet hilarious face that’s all in good fun!”

It’s not. It’s still duckface. Stop it.

“I can pull it off” duckface- This is the worst of all. This version is when the girl making the face knows that others have made it, and it looks disgusting. However, they believe the others were just doing it wrong and they can definitely do it right. This. Is. False! Genocide is still Genocide, no matter the reason. Nobody can “Pull off” genocide. Duck face is genocide, because it kills brain cells.

I hope you’re educated now.


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