Vacation is Over

Over vacation, I purchased this little robot from my local book store. He was innocent, retro, and best of all, articulated. I was fascinated by how well he could maneuver. The GIF above only shows a fraction of his mighty power. Which, in all honesty, is quite sad. This little bugger cost me less than 5 dollars. The brand new, suped up blazing sword Voltron cost me 40. Fans were priding the Voltron figure for its articulation, claiming it was worth the price, Bull. Sh*t. The little dancing robot up there has great articulation for a cheap price. It’s sad how toys now have to struggle to move like the little guy up there. Oh well, first world problems.

Anywho, he needs a name. (Or she, if you prefer.) To anyone reading this, do you have any suggestions?


2 responses to “Vacation is Over

  1. How about “Dancin’ Clank”?

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