What Guys do in the Bathroom

I (IJUSTOWNEDYOU11) interviewed another guy about this.

Q. So Eric, Do you prefer bathroom buddies?

A. Hell No.

Q. Why Not?

A. Its just awkward. Especially if you’re using urinals side-by-side next to each other.

Q. Do you go in the bathroom to talk?

A. NO. I go to the bathroom to do my business. Then I walk out.

Q. Do you ever reminisce in memories while you’re on the john?

A. (Giggle) Haha No.

Q. But isn’t it a time to relax.

A. Yeah, relax you’re bowels but not your mind.

Q. But why not? You’re sitting there.. Doing nothing. Except. Sh**ing. Why Not? Are you trying to hard? Constipation got you down?

A. No what are you supposed to do?! There’s no books! I don’t even read in the bathroom.

Q. Okay, never mind. Moving on. So Eric do you ever look at yourself in the mirror after you’re done with your business.

A. Like a brief second but then I walk out.

Q. Why though, are you afraid you have sh^%$ on your face?

A. Yeah cause that pee just really splatters up.

Q.Catches ya off guard sometimes huh?

A. Yeah.

Q. Okay. I’m ending this now. Umm. Yeah. So this concludes this shi#$! (hehe that was a pun) interview.

For the Girl interview Click this Link!


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