Facebook Worm, countless idiots and newbies affected

Business as usual, about 45,000 computers have been hacked because a portion of the population of facebook clicked shady links. A while ago I would have blamed this mess on the hoards of idiots plaguing facebook clicking every chance for a free phone they see, but I’ve seen a new light. Many of these “idiots” still know enough to spot a scam, and will avoid the link. Honestly, it’s new citizens of the internet who know little about safety who get hacked. While I would love to grill said newbs, I have to look at the fact that at one point in time, I would have dived at the chance for an ipod. I suggest facebook, being one of the massive gateways to the ACTUAL internet, should provide a warning sheet for new members. It should be similar to the “Welcome to the Internet Page”, but in a lighter tone. While this may seem too nice, please remember. Your mother is most likely one of these noobs, and it’s the money they spend on you and your hobbies being stolen. I sure as hell don’t want my mother frying another computer due to a pop-up ad.


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