The Morality Issue in Skyrim

I, for one, despise most gibberish spewed by angry people about how video games teach children bad morals, and are “killing today’s youth”. However, Skyrim seems to be a little off on morality. It starts off with the three groups most people would look up to, The Companions who fight for those who can’t, the Stormcloak rebels fighting for their rights, and the Empire attempting to keep order. All factions that should be loved for their work. However, they’re all jerks.

If one attempts to join the companions, they’ll be met with various taunts and insulting names such as “whelp” and “Milk drinker”. Most obviously a sign that they’re idiots because you play as the f*cking dragon born, and could blow them to Sovengarde. Next, you can join the imperials. The leader outright states you’re probably useless, and he doesn’t want you talking to him. Ouch. The last of the so called “good guys” are the Stormcloaks, whose leader your escaped execution with. He’ll remember you, right? Well, he sort of does. When you meet him he treats you as an underling and mostly try’s to ship you off to his steward if you want to join the rebellion. There goes the last good guy, because all of them are full of themselves and assholes. You might be feeling angry at that point. Maybe the dark side would be better at this point.

As it turns out, it is. If one joins the thieves guild, they’ll be treated like the head honcho even without doing anything. They’ll always say “Nice job out there today”, or “Hello friend!”. This is about the time you start to wonder if bad guys really are nicer. The time you really know the morality is screwed up is when you join the Dark Brotherhood, a group of assassins. They call themselves family, and actually act like it. They’re just as friendly as the thieves for God’s sake! They’re practically saying “After you kill that guy, wanna play some Monopoly?”.

In conclusion, Skyrim is messed up. On a good morality note, they won’t let you remarry or take multiple wives, but still.



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