On the Second Day…

The first day

This is only one half of the dungeon I’m making. I’m thinking it may be a bit… large. Based on the size of what I have, I may shrink my map design. Anyways, this is about half of what I originally planned, un-decorated. No lighting, rubble, chests, enemies, etc. I’m liking it so far.

Let’s get educational. What you see in that picture is a bare bones map. It’s basically a very long hallway with rooms. The rooms serve as areas for battles, where the hero will fight against various enemies. Hallways give some time to regroup, gain health, and generally provide a buffer in between each encounter. This style of dungeon design is in the game itself, meaning the map is already on the right track. Education over.

So, a time log of today.

8 – 10, Class

10 – 1, Site revamping (Take out hour for lunch and chores)

1-2:30, Class

4:30 – 8:30, create map above.

So about 9 hours of work total, 6 of which was dedicated to this project. Nice.



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