Third Day: Let There Be Light


Alright, I’m starting to get a bigger move on things. So, I’ve made a new plan, which is to finish the dungeon completely before doing anything voice related. That way, if anything goes horribly wrong with the follower, there’s a nice dungeon to sift through.

So, as you may have noticed, there’s some shading now. I have added the magic of lighting to the portion I had done yesterday. In fact, I finished off an additional hallway. Now, the first half of the layout is done. But I digressed, lighting. Lighting is extremely important in a video game. Just like real life, light is required in order to be able to see. Lighting is especially important in darker areas. There needs to be just enough light to see, while not blinding anyone. There must also be limited light in order to maintain the whole “you’re in a really, really dark cave/dungeon underground.” There also has to be distinct sources for light. Players will notice if there’s light with no source. Adding a lamp here and there will provide sources for light. That said, remember not to break immersion. Drop the light source where a real person would. Hang the chandeliers at a good height, place lamps where the light from chandeliers can’t reach, etc. One must also be conscious of what kind of light they’ll be using. A lamp will produce a different kind of light then, say, a massive bonfire. It’s a lot to think about.

At the moment, my lighting is iffy at best. While the creation kit does a fantastic job of previewing how each light will work, you can’t really see it perfectly until you’re actually in game. For the moment, I can’t check. The dungeon isn’t set up to support the player in game yet, and I won’t be able to do that until later on. So, for now, I’m making well educated guesses.

Also in the works today was the addition of clutter. I’ll write more on that at a later date, but the short and skinny of it is that people need things to look at. Empty rooms are boring.

So, timeline for today.

8-12:30, AP Calc exam

1:40-2:20, Biology class

4:30 to 6:30, work on dungeon

Overall, 6.5 hours of work in total today. Not bad.

Ah! By the way. A friend of mine is also working on a senior project. Please, try out this survey for him. Click here!


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