Fourth Day: Create a Mess!

Lots oh clutter

Today, I focused on clutter. What is clutter, you ask? Well, here’s a simply definition. first, you have your empty bedroom. There’s a roof, a floor, walls, maybe a window. Then, there’s your furniture. A desk here, carpet there, don’t forget your bed! Finally, there’s clutter. Your sports trophies, the computer on your desk, the stuffed animal on the corner of your bed, etc. That’s clutter. In a video game, clutter is one of the most time consuming activities. It takes a while to place each item individually upon a surface, making sure it doesn’t roll off or vanish thanks to a glitch. Good clutter fills every little corner of an area. So, as you can imagine, it takes quite some time to put good clutter into a dungeon. But if it takes so long, why do it?

Clutter is essential to any experience, really. Imagine your room without any objects in it. All of your knickknacks and personal items are gone. Everything that gives your room meaning other than “somebody sleeps here” would vanish. Once a modder starts adding clutter to a room, that room starts to develop a character.

For example, I have a large vaulted room in my mod. In this room are numerous tables with desks and chairs right beside them. Okay, so it looks like people work here. That’s good. Well, what do they do? That’s where clutter comes in. Add a few gizmos, maybe a sphere or a gem. Your brain starts cranking, ‘”Oh! They work with tools here. Alright.” Then, add in some medical objects, such as a scalpel. Then put a body on the table. “Oh, it’s some sort of surgery or dissection!” So, that’s what clutter does. It’s “show don’t tell”.

Here’s an example of great clutter. Anything by Elianora is a fantastic example of amazing clutter placement. Every corner is filled with eye candy. The desk is obviously owned by an adventurer, and the kitchen is obviously a kitchen. It’s a home.


8-9:12, History Class

9:12- 10:30, Clutter work

12-1, Remake map of mod

5:30-8:30, More clutter!

Total: 6 Hours of work. Nice!


2 responses to “Fourth Day: Create a Mess!

  1. your worst enemy (stella)

    can I play this when you’re done?

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