Day 12: The Floor is No Longer Lava


See all that red stuff? That, my dear fellows, is Navmesh. Navigation mesh is, essentially, a map for computer controlled characters. It allows them to figure out where they may or may not move. Say, you don’t want a follower running into a chair. Well, when setting navigation mesh, go around the chair. By doing so, the chair is taken out of the equation. Navigation mesh also allows NPC’s to follow more specific paths, avoid walking off of mountains, etc.  It also keeps NPC’s from preforming odd maneuvers such as hiking a mountain or dancing all over a grouping of tables. The player character can do many things, but the artificial intelligence running NPC’s is limited. However, this intelligence will make a follower or companion follow the player using the same path he took. Navigation mesh keeps the NPC’s from attempting maneuvers that their little brains couldn’t actually handle.

Navmeshing takes a very, very long time. Imagine building your house, then needing to put in an EXTREMELY precise carpet that can’t be covered by any objects. NOTHING can be put on top of this carpet, unless you want your guests to run into it. So, you would get out your scissors, and start cutting away. Far more difficult than simply laying down the carpet THEN furnishing the joint.


7-12: Glitch fixing

12-3: Errands

3- 7: Nav meshing, more glitch fixing.

Total work time: 9 hours. Good job!

Bonus photo: My navmesh testing buddy, Stenvar!


Poor Stenvar .He crashed into tons of tables before I fixed the navmesh. His shins must be a wreck.


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