Day 17: Then, you move on

Oh well

Well, not everything works. Fact of life. Best thing to do is to move on. Sul here has a lot of dialogue that he may or may not say. But, right now’s he’s a wonderful follower with a unique voice. Eventually I’ll get him to say a lot more but for now, he’s doing what I wanted him to do. I have to move on to making a quest, so I’m leaving him as is for now.

Today was a LOT of bug searching. I simply can not find out why he doesn’t taunt. Sul also has an issue of not commenting on areas like he’s supposed to. No matter, he’ll live. Maybe. I got him to grunt when shoved, so at least that’s working.


9-11: AP history study session

12-3:30: AP History Test

5-8: Bug Fixing

Total work time: 7.5 hours. Pretty good.



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