The League of Extraordinary Game Geeks (TLEG for short) is a club on Xbox Live that focuses on Halo. We are mainly just good old fellows who want to have a good time but we also go achievement hunting quite often. We also enjoy team forging and killing N00bs on the Beach. Welcome to the home page.

Join Up.


Heed our creed, and know of our mission. Or, you know, our guidelines

1. No jackets, no buttons. We don’t have any specific armor, color, or emblem. Doing that is quite lame, and even suggesting it will get you laughed at.

2. Potty language is strictly forbidden. Cussing and insulting other players is rude, and very annoying to any poor sap stuck listening. Unless you have really deep roots in the group, this will lead to some major shunning.

3. Teabagging is only to be used in major victory. Teabagging is reserved for times of extreme pwnge, like taking out a 6 year old. Use your sack wisely.

4. Annoying behavior is frowned upon. Sending messages begging for 2 day trials, sending messages to check out maps, begging for attention, saying your MLG, sending friend requests to random girls, etc. We have a mental age limit. You can be six, but if you act older, we’ll enjoy your presence.

5. Be trustworthy and ask for permission for certain activity’s. Don’t break charity for no reason, and if you have an idea bring it to a senior member for approval. Turning the official club map into a giant duck without permission is a good example of the rule.

6. About bending rules… Some rules may be bent but only at random, rare occasions. There are some times when rules are broken at the right times. But if you do break a rule, this last one only applies if your judge is in a good mood. (Or if you bribe him with food. Glasses Guy likes Reeses Cups.)

Wanna join?

To join you must contact Glasses Guy on xbox live. We will give you a short interview, then bring you to a few games. No worries, we are pretty lax about new members and no matter how much you suck or Pwn you will most likely be let in. But behavior is a large factor and the way you act in a match is how we make our decision. We have no physical age limit, but you must act grown-up.


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