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How to Get Ready on Time

1. Pack your back-pack the night before.

2. Set your alarm to 6 AM sharp

3. Get all of your work done that night! Except maybe English, that can wait.

4. Crawl in bed around 9 or 10. Well, maybe eleven if you have an easy day tomorrow. Well, if you’re at it why not twelve?

5. Wake up at 7:30 AM because you thought you could have just a few more minutes at 6.

6. Forget showering and breakfast, you have to run pal! School is at 8!

7. Get to school and realize you still have English homework to do in the 10 minutes you have before your day begins.

8. Finish your English homework, and then learn the teacher sent out an e-mail last night giving you an extra assignment.

9. Get to class, and be left alone because you didn’t shower.

10.Starve until 11 when you eat lunch. You haven’t eaten since six last night, totaling you having no food for 17 hours!

11. Realize that last night you forgot to pack a lunch ticket. Whoops. You starve until you go home.

12. Go to English class and pray the teacher accepts the excuse that your internet died.

13. It doesn’t work, and you lose even more points because you lied.

14. Go home with a new pile of homework, try to organize yourself.

15. Ignore your homework until 8 at night.

16.Desperately search the internet for a guide on how to get ready in the morning.


If only

It’s pretty punny when you think about.

Have fun.

A Scientific Study

Recently skittles and I started playing an old favorite, Sonic Adventure Battle 2. While playing this game I noticed a few things that made me question the rating it was given. For those who don’t know, it was rated E for Everyone. The first thing I found odd was when you first come to the chao garden you find two eggs. Despite the fact that you have no prior¬†engagement¬†with these eggs, you claim them as your own. The second thing I question is why the hell is there a black market in a kindergarten in an E rated game?! Finally I found it very disturbing the amount of DRUGS that are in this game. Continue reading

Menorah’s are safe

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Because we all need a dance off.

What Guys do in the Bathroom

I (IJUSTOWNEDYOU11) interviewed another guy about this.

Q. So Eric, Do you prefer bathroom buddies?

A. Hell No.

Q. Why Not?

A. Its just awkward. Especially if you’re using urinals side-by-side next to each other.

Q. Do you go in the bathroom to talk?

A. NO. I go to the bathroom to do my business. Then I walk out.

Q. Do you ever reminisce in memories while you’re on the john?

A. (Giggle) Haha No.

Q. But isn’t it a time to relax.

A. Yeah, relax you’re bowels but not your mind.

Q. But why not? You’re sitting there.. Doing nothing. Except. Sh**ing. Why Not? Are you trying to hard? Constipation got you down?

A. No what are you supposed to do?! There’s no books! I don’t even read in the bathroom.

Q. Okay, never mind. Moving on. So Eric do you ever look at yourself in the mirror after you’re done with your business.

A. Like a brief second but then I walk out.

Q. Why though, are you afraid you have sh^%$ on your face?

A. Yeah cause that pee just really splatters up.

Q.Catches ya off guard sometimes huh?

A. Yeah.

Q. Okay. I’m ending this now. Umm. Yeah. So this concludes this shi#$! (hehe that was a pun) interview.

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