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We’re Live!

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Daltonious Sul is now available for the public!

Get him on the Skyrim Nexus!

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Politely ask and I will send you the mod!

Today I finished. I think. I packaged the mod, it’s ready to be released. Hopefully. A few close friends are beta testing.


Politely ask and I shall send you a copy of the mod! Hopefully, you know how to use mods.


8-10: Bug fixes

5-10: Compressing, testing

Day 24: Presentations and Bug Fixes

Title Page

There’s a title card now!

Anyways, yesterday wasn’t exactly a learning day. At all. I mostly fixed bugs in addition to making a presentation for the project.


8-2: Bug fixes

Total: 6 hours

Day 23: Bug Fixes


See that hole? In the wall? The gray gunk? That’s a bug. A filthy, rotten, no good very bad bug. It’s what I spent my day fixing.

When creating a video game, there will be problems. Fixing a problem creates even more problems, and so on. It’s frustrating, and it takes a lot of time. Wall glitches like the one shown are easy to fix, simply move the walls closer together. Then shift all the other walls as well in order to stop other holes from popping up. It’s an incredibly long process, but it’s fixable thank goodness.


8-3: Bug fixes

Time: 7 hours

Day 22: Goodness, I missed a day

Sunday: Yesterday I spent a great long while preparing  dialogue for a voice actor who offered to help out. I mostly spent the day attempting to learn how to complete a cut scene, a sort of mini movie in game. It… didn’t work out. Skyrim uses it’s own coding script known as Papyrus in order to program. I lack the time to master it (or even learn it) and, sadly, I need knowledge of it in order to make a cut scene. Luckily, there’s other ways to implement a voice.

Monday (Today): My voice actor read all of her lines. I found that having a separate actor is AMAZING. She was able to record her lines while I ran the computer, cutting down clicking noise in recordings. She also gave small criticisms on silly lines, making the mod that much better. I also spent time adding more dialogue for Sul to say while doing nothing. He had a bad habit of repeating the same gobbily-gook over and over again until my ears bled. I also spent some time fixing glitches.

Timeline, Sunday:

Failing horribly at cut scene lessons: 9-12

Adding lines for my wonderful voice actor: 4-7

Total: 6 Hours

Timeline, Today

Marching in parade: 8:30 – 11

Recording lines: 11-2

Adding lines for Sul: 4-6

Total time: 8 Hours

Day 20: When I Get Where I’m Going…

Or how about, “when I know where I’m going.”  It took all day, but now players may use a quest! The mod could be released as is, but there’s so much to be added…


8-2: Quest

6-8: Testing Sul

Total Time: 8 Hours. Eh.

Day 19: But That Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Go Back!

Glory glory! Yesterday was very busy, but I got one important thing done: I got Sul to taunt! Joel of got back to my email, and helped me fix Sul’s silence issue. What a guy. I got in about 2 hours of work, along with a bunch of meetings. Full day.

Today was also somewhat busy. I began making… a quest! A quest is a guide for the player to follow in order to efficiently absorb narrative, or even just get dragged along. Mine, for now, is simply groundwork. But, it’s coming along nicely.


8-10: Fixing Sul’s dialogue

10:30-11:30: Marching practice

2-5: Quest work

6-9: Beta testing (thank you, T. Lawrence)  and more quest work!

Total work time: 9 Hours!