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Site being Revamped



So, this is an old site. One I’m somewhat ashamed of. I’m older now, I’m a big boy. Anyways, The League of Extraordinary Game Geeks is simply the name of the blog now. Heck, I might even change that later.

Anyways, the site is being re purposed as a blog where I create updates on a mod I’m working on. Should be god. I’m excited.


Good News, Everyone!

I lied, bad news. My computer crapped the bed about an hour ago, so I’m using a spare. This means that it’s going to be a while before the next update because I need to redownload all the applications required to make comics, Gifs, etc. I have some stored in my drafts, so I’ll make an attempt to post ASAP. Sorry.

For lack of a better update….

Maybe some of you have noticed the new link on the TLEG Network tab to the right of the screen. That is the new ask blog. There, you may ask the comic characters any question you want. Any. Question. And it will be answer. That’s amazing.

McGrilled Cheese

Hoax, or not hoax? We must find out.

Rebecca Black Made A New Song

That’s right, a new song from Rebecca Black. The song seems to be bout her doing whatever the heck she wants to do, weather or not we like her. It’s better than the last song, but it still sounds like something Disney Chanel craps out every other week. Oh well.

Bungie Day: 2011

Please stand by...

Today’s typical update has been replaced due to Bungie Day. Get to your Halo Reach Disk, and win a steak. Relax while you’re at it too. It’s a holiday, you know.

Happy Independence Day America

Red, White, and Blue

America was born around the same time as all the other continents.