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Day 16: Not Everything Works

is working

Here’s the good news: Sul is fully functional as a follower. He talks, he groans when hurt, and he knows when combat starts. However, he has no idea how to taunt the enemy. After working on the issue for quite some time, I asked for help from an expert, and I’m now waiting for a reply. That said, a lot got done today.


8-10:30: Voice Recording

12-2: Voice fixing and beg fixing

4-6: Bug fixing

Total time: 6.5 hours.


Day 15: Now with Sound!


Well. A lot got done today. A lot a lot.

First of all, let’s cover a lesson on audio. Audio is incredibly important in a video game. In fact, audio is incredibly important in just about anything (even books are better with a little music playing in the background). However, only good audio is acceptable. Bad audio is… disgusting. Grainy, echo-y, you name it. Bad audio simply destroys an experience. So many good mods are ruined by poor audio quality. That said, it’s somewhat difficult to get good sound files. Few people have in house recording studios with excellent equipment. Luckily, I made do with what I have.

First, I have a Blue Snowball Ice microphone. It was about $30, and it gets the job done. It connects via USB to my computer. Then, I have a pop filter, which prevents spit from hitting my microphone and making a “pop” noise. In audition to this, I have a dampening box to cut out any echo or outside noise. I made this box today, actually, out of nothing but cardboard and towels. This gives me some pretty good quality audio, which I’m very proud of. I also cut down on noise around my desk while recording, in audition to watching my breathing and pronunciation.

Maybe some samples are in order.

Here’s the bad.

Here’s the good.

That’s the difference between a playable mod, and a mod that is quickly uninstalled and deleted.

Anyways, that recording was used TODAY to make our hero talk! He is fully functional as a custom voiced follower! But he’s not finished yet. Not at all…


7:30- 9: Build the follower

9-10: Build dampening box

10-1 Gut the follower, add some functionality back

2:30-3:30: Band Practice

8 – 10: Record audio, repair follower functionality

Total work time: 15.5 hours. Jezum…