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Day 22: Goodness, I missed a day

Sunday: Yesterday I spent a great long while preparing ¬†dialogue for a voice actor who offered to help out. I mostly spent the day attempting to learn how to complete a cut scene, a sort of mini movie in game. It… didn’t work out. Skyrim uses it’s own coding script known as Papyrus in order to program. I lack the time to master it (or even learn it) and, sadly, I need knowledge of it in order to make a cut scene. Luckily, there’s other ways to implement a voice.

Monday (Today): My voice actor read all of her lines. I found that having a separate actor is AMAZING. She was able to record her lines while I ran the computer, cutting down clicking noise in recordings. She also gave small criticisms on silly lines, making the mod that much better. I also spent time adding more dialogue for Sul to say while doing nothing. He had a bad habit of repeating the same gobbily-gook over and over again until my ears bled. I also spent some time fixing glitches.

Timeline, Sunday:

Failing horribly at cut scene lessons: 9-12

Adding lines for my wonderful voice actor: 4-7

Total: 6 Hours

Timeline, Today

Marching in parade: 8:30 – 11

Recording lines: 11-2

Adding lines for Sul: 4-6

Total time: 8 Hours


Day 16: Not Everything Works

is working

Here’s the good news: Sul is fully functional as a follower. He talks, he groans when hurt, and he knows when combat starts. However, he has no idea how to taunt the enemy. After working on the issue for quite some time, I asked for help from an expert, and I’m now waiting for a reply. That said, a lot got done today.


8-10:30: Voice Recording

12-2: Voice fixing and beg fixing

4-6: Bug fixing

Total time: 6.5 hours.