This blog is a recording of all of the works of Glasses Guy.

Back in the day, this blog was a middle school project maintained during my freshman and sophomore years. I abandoned it after I abandoned the art of photo comics, and after our clan was abandoned. As you may see, this site is a little different now. My older works are still here, but, well, they’re embarrassing. Please, for the love of God almighty, ignore them.

That said, this blog is now home to my new works. I wanted to revamp it for my senior project, a Skyrim mod that creates a dungeon and a new, custom voiced follower. Here I’ll be making daily updates, as a requirement for the project. This site simply serves as a record of all work done, and not done.

Read through if you wish, you may learn a few things about how to mod, how to organize your time, and how to work with a creation kit. This project is supposed to help one learn what the medium point of game making is. This is between coding but before play testing. Learn as much as you can.


One response to “About

  1. D: I’m not a lazy bum!

    ok… maybe a little.

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