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This is what we always end up doing while on vacation


Class Pets

True story, the thing stares at me every class.

I found some spare time

This is my spare time.

Update: Hibernation

Many of you are probably wondering what’s going on with the lack of posts around here. Well, I guess I owe you an explanation. This site is not a business nor a serious website with a structured schedule. It is a hobby run by me, Glasses Guy and sometimes Warlemur and Polish Assassin. As of late I have had little time for hobbies. I call this time of the year “Winter Crunch”. During winter crunch, I start getting piled with work that takes away much of my free time. For instance, three hour play practices until the middle of March. Thus, I lose time after school to update the site. I also lose my Sunday’s to a skiing program, thus forcing me to turn Saturday into a workday. I also now reserve Friday evenings for my girlfriend, who I barely see at school during the week. Thus, I only have an hour or so of free time a day. I use the time sparingly, and spread it out through all of my hobbies. I’ve been on vacation for the past week, and I’ve been using that time to build various projects. In short, the site is going to be neglected until March. However, once the middle of March roles around I’ll be able to kick back into gear with my fours hours of free time a night, if I get homework done on time. Once again, I apologize for neglecting you all.

P.S. The Master Sword up there is just one of the three swords I’ve made this week, all of which I am very proud of.

P.P.S. I guess you want some shenanigans, so I’ll just say that I wrote this whole update while on the toilet. It’s up to you to decide whether or not that’s true.

The Morality Issue in Skyrim

I, for one, despise most gibberish spewed by angry people about how video games teach children bad morals, and are “killing today’s youth”. However, Skyrim seems to be a little off on morality. It starts off with the three groups most people would look up to, The Companions who fight for those who can’t, the Stormcloak rebels fighting for their rights, and the Empire attempting to keep order. All factions that should be loved for their work. However, they’re all jerks. Continue reading

Why Baths are better

Baths are far superior to showers in many ways, but thousands of people refuse the admit it. I intend to inform those of why baths are better than showers.

1. You have to stand up to shower. You can sit down and be lazy in a bathtub.

2. In a bath, the water covers and distorts your body making you look skinny. In a shower, you have to stare at every ugly roll, wrinkle, and wart.

3. Rubber duckies float in the bathtub. They don’t float in the shower.

4.Baths take longer, thus keeping you away from the harsh realities of life. You may even set up a DVD player nearby to raise the “I’m relaxing” factor.

5. When was the last time you had a bubble shower? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Bubble baths FTW.

Facebook Worm, countless idiots and newbies affected

Business as usual, about 45,000 computers have been hacked because a portion of the population of facebook clicked shady links. A while ago I would have blamed this mess on the hoards of idiots plaguing facebook clicking every chance for a free phone they see, but I’ve seen a new light. Many of these “idiots” still know enough to spot a scam, and will avoid the link. Honestly, it’s new citizens of the internet who know little about safety who get hacked. While I would love to grill said newbs, I have to look at the fact that at one point in time, I would have dived at the chance for an ipod. I suggest facebook, being one of the massive gateways to the ACTUAL internet, should provide a warning sheet for new members. It should be similar to the “Welcome to the Internet Page”, but in a lighter tone. While this may seem too nice, please remember. Your mother is most likely one of these noobs, and it’s the money they spend on you and your hobbies being stolen. I sure as hell don’t want my mother frying another computer due to a pop-up ad.