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Every Morning


How to Get Ready on Time

1. Pack your back-pack the night before.

2. Set your alarm to 6 AM sharp

3. Get all of your work done that night! Except maybe English, that can wait.

4. Crawl in bed around 9 or 10. Well, maybe eleven if you have an easy day tomorrow. Well, if you’re at it why not twelve?

5. Wake up at 7:30 AM because you thought you could have just a few more minutes at 6.

6. Forget showering and breakfast, you have to run pal! School is at 8!

7. Get to school and realize you still have English homework to do in the 10 minutes you have before your day begins.

8. Finish your English homework, and then learn the teacher sent out an e-mail last night giving you an extra assignment.

9. Get to class, and be left alone because you didn’t shower.

10.Starve until 11 when you eat lunch. You haven’t eaten since six last night, totaling you having no food for 17 hours!

11. Realize that last night you forgot to pack a lunch ticket. Whoops. You starve until you go home.

12. Go to English class and pray the teacher accepts the excuse that your internet died.

13. It doesn’t work, and you lose even more points because you lied.

14. Go home with a new pile of homework, try to organize yourself.

15. Ignore your homework until 8 at night.

16.Desperately search the internet for a guide on how to get ready in the morning.

The Morality Issue in Skyrim

I, for one, despise most gibberish spewed by angry people about how video games teach children bad morals, and are “killing today’s youth”. However, Skyrim seems to be a little off on morality. It starts off with the three groups most people would look up to, The Companions who fight for those who can’t, the Stormcloak rebels fighting for their rights, and the Empire attempting to keep order. All factions that should be loved for their work. However, they’re all jerks. Continue reading

Why Baths are better

Baths are far superior to showers in many ways, but thousands of people refuse the admit it. I intend to inform those of why baths are better than showers.

1. You have to stand up to shower. You can sit down and be lazy in a bathtub.

2. In a bath, the water covers and distorts your body making you look skinny. In a shower, you have to stare at every ugly roll, wrinkle, and wart.

3. Rubber duckies float in the bathtub. They don’t float in the shower.

4.Baths take longer, thus keeping you away from the harsh realities of life. You may even set up a DVD player nearby to raise the “I’m relaxing” factor.

5. When was the last time you had a bubble shower? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Bubble baths FTW.

All Over the Internet (A politcal poem)

All over the internet

is a myriad of jokes.

Many of them you won’t get,

many of them would make you choke.


There’s drawings of faces

made in MS paint.

Other photos are of rare diseases

sure to make your mother faint.


There are expressions of rage,

and some showings of success.

The comics stretch page after page,

(some of these comics are a total mess.)


The internet is inhabited,

by all beings of the earth.

Noobs, trolls, and the hated

According to the media, mostly men with much girth.


The internet is a melting pot

of culture all around.

The worst thing one could do to the internet,

is let some official shut it down.


Please, do not let SOPA pass. If the bill were to see the light of day the majority of the internet would be at risk because much of it IS based off of harmless copyright infringement. Any photos, covered songs, copied faces and pieces of unquoted literature could be removed because of even the smallest infringement. The bill could stop some piracy, but it would still continue while the government holds power over the internet. That is NOT okay. This is against American rights. Hell, if it passes in the states who’s to say other countries won’t adopt the policy? This is a threat to Freedom. For the love of God, do NOT give any group of people full power over something so precious. Thank you.

The Amazing World

First, there was nothing. Then, a light appeared followed by the creation of a world around me. Rocks, grass, flowers and trees were pulled out of the void all around me as I stared ahead. I tried blinking, but I could not; was it the shear amazement of the creation around me, or was I missing something to cover my eyes?    Continue reading

A Flickering Candle – Poem, By Glasses Guy

A candle flickers in and out,

burning only a bit.

Someone could easily blow it out

if they were to think of it.


The tiny candle lights a room

with a dim, orange glow.

It’s only enough to read by.

It doesn’t make a fancy show.


There it moves constantly,

letting off a piney scent.

It will stay there burning next to me,

until to bed I am sent.


When sleep calls, the flame shall die;

put out with a single puff.

But it will be lit once more.

One night of candlelight reading is never enough.


I didn’t cut this one off for a reason. Good night, everyone. Dedicated to a special someone, who needs to get to ned earlier.